Our School:


Our classrooms are designed to be spacious and offer different learning centers for age-appropriate cognitive development.

Outdoor Play Area

We provide age-appropriate outdoor play areas with modern play equipment. Our outdoor play area is landscaped, spacious and is fun-place for play and relaxation.

Safety and Security

At Pinnacle Kids’ Academy, we foster safe learning environment for children by adopting the following safety policy:
• Safety: We prioritize on offering “care and learn” services in an environment that is both conducive and safe for learning. We review our safety policy regularly and seek ways to enhance child safety as one of our core commitments.

• Drop-off and Pick-up: We ensure only parents and guardians pre-registered with us are allowed to pick-up children. The entrance to children’s area of our facility is secured by biometric controlled access.

• Enhanced Communication: We provide direct communication between all classrooms and front office. This allows every classroom teacher and care giver to get help as soon as it is needed.

• CCTV Monitoring: All classrooms have installed cameras for the purpose of monitoring the quality of care provided to each child. The director is able to monitor and address any situation in real time.